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The 5th Vote

The 5th Vote

In the last 15 years, there have been more than 30 elections, more than 100 races, and more than 500 candidates.

In that time, the Durham People’s Alliance has never endorsed a single candidate under the age of 40, much less a candidate under 30.

Team Owens is proud that it came closer to winning that endorsement than any young campaign before us.

Regardless of the endorsement, we pledge to keep working with the People’s Alliance to defeat the Hate Amendment.  We are side by side in that struggle.

John and the campaign appreciate the democratic process by which the PA makes its endorsements. The votes can be unpredictable, and the process messy, but it’s still democracy at its finest.

The PA chose to only endorse 4 candidates for 5 positions.  We intend to win that remaining “5th” vote on the PA voter’s slate-cards.

Finally, our sincere gratitude goes out to the vocal minority who persisted through four hours of sweltering heat, advocating for our endorsement.