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A New Day, in Durham

A New Day, in Durham
Good morning Durham,

As you know, today is the first day of voting in this election.  I’m sitting in the office now, about 5:30am, about an hour until sunrise.  What will today bring?  Tomorrow? This Year?  This decade?

Durham is at a crossroads.  We have been growing and straining against that growth.  We wrestle with, then embrace, our history.  Soon, we will make important and irreversible choices.

Poverty in Durham, our public school system, our environment, our business climate, our neighborhood character, our traffic and transit… all of these could go one way, or the other.

By all accounts, our County Commission will see two new members next year.  That’s a 40% change, the greatest in a good long while.  Next year, there will be as many as 3 new members of the City Council, the greatest change since 2001.  Durham is changing, but what will that change look like?

I see Durham’s future, rising over the hill like a sunrise.  Durham’s gritty streets are here for it to see, all the good, all the bad.  But what will this day bring for it’s people?

As for Me:  

It’s the first day of early voting, and we have a half dozen different events to attend, and six early vote locations to keep staffed with volunteers.

And there’s a candidate forum tonight, with Kids Voting Durham.  

6:30-8:30 pm
Holton Center, 401 N. Driver St.

You should attend, if able.  It’s the last forum with all of us 14 candidates; I think I’m going to take the gloves off.

Finally, you can find an actual letter I wrote to the amazing City and County of Durham right here.   I wrote it for the Indy Newspaper a couple weeks ago.  It’s even more relevant today than it was then.  

It’s about the Durham’s big Political Committees:   the People’s Alliance, the Committee on the Affairs of Black People, the Friends of Durham.

It’s about the political culture we find ourselves in.  It’s about the good, and the bad.

30 minutes until sunrise Durham, good luck.