Apr 12

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John Owens Endorsed by Rev. Kenney

John Owens Endorsed by Rev. Kenney

Rev. Carl Kenney is a prominent Durham political blogger, community leader, and important voice in the conversation of a better Durham.

We are proud that Rev. Kenney endorsed John Owens today for Durham County Commissioner.

Rev. Kenney had many regretfully negative things to say about other candidates, but only positive words for John.  He writes:

The shocker:

John Owens. This kid has the stuff. I call him kid out of respect for what he brings, youthfulness, a fresh approach, an amazing understanding of the issues and a departure from business as usual in Durham [...]

Those in office may be a bit out of touch, and we need some new blood running the show. [...] The Rev-elution can see past the birth certificate. He’s among the best ”

Thank you Rev. for your endorsement and supportive words.  We’re going to keep bringing that fresh approach to this campaign and Durham government.