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Help Us Break The Record

Help Us Break The Record

Most Durham Commissioner campaigns have been funded by fewer than 50 donors, writing mostly checks in the hundreds and thousands of dollars range.

But we’re not that kind of campaign.  This is a grassroots effort, and that means hundreds of small-dollar donations, instead of a few big checks.

According to Board of Elections reports, Becky Heron currently holds the record for the most individual donors.  In her 2008 campaign, she had about 250.

Team Owens isn’t funded by the political establishment. We’re winning this campaign by engaging Durham’s citizens, not by selling our souls to the highest bidder.  We can win this, but we need your help.

Please donate now.  With your help, we can blow the current record out of the water.  

You can contribute any amount to the campaign.
Use the donation form on the right:  $50, $5, or even $1 helps us reach our goal.
Let the establishment in Durham hear your voice.  Tell them  you believe government should represent the PEOPLE, not just the people with money.