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Battling Amendment One

Battling Amendment One

DURHAM, NC – The campaign to elect John Owens Durham County Commissioner announced Wednesday that it is providing the results their March voter contacts, to The Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families, with the goal of fueling the fight against Amendment One.

“I very passionately oppose the amendment,” said Owens. “I have spent the bulk of the last five months organizing against it, both locally and state-wide. There is no legal, moral, or religious excuse for discrimination.”

In March, TeamOwens contacted more than 15,000 likely voters in Durham, ether by phone or in-person.  Every voter the campaign spoke with was asked how they planned to vote on the Amendment.  The results of those “voter-IDs” will help Protect NC Families turn out the vote against the Amendment.  The Campaign efforts will also save NC Families hundreds of volunteer hours spent collecting voter-IDs themselves.

John Owens is Durham County’s progressive candidate for County Commissioner.  He will continue leveraging his aggressive campaign to help defeat the Amendment, which will also be on the ballot May 8th. When elected, John Owens will provide a much-needed voice for LGBT concerns on Durham’s Board of Commissioners.