Marriage Equality

I very passionately oppose Amendment One. I have spent the bulk of the last five months organizing against it, both locally and state-wide. As an Executive Board member of the Young Democrats of North Carolina, I helped orchestrate immediate and forceful opposition to the Amendment beginning the day of its passing the NC Senate in September.

In Durham, I have been an advisory committee member of the Duke Together coalition since its inception. Over the last four months, I have helped the Coalition develop political strategy, advised them on campaign finance law, and connected them with fundraising resources, training materials, and voter lists.

And the Team Owens campaign has been working hand-in-hand with The Coalition To Protect NC Families.  Every voter contact we make, we share that data with the Coalition Рover 15,000 so far!

I believe, I know, there is no legal, moral, or religious excuse for discrimination.

I tell you why I feel this way, and about the LGBT friends and family in my life who I love.  But no one should need to explain the reasons why they stand for basic human dignity and equality.