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Public Policy Questionnaire

Public Policy Questionnaire

The Durham People’s Alliance is a progressive community group and political committee that has been doing good work in Durham for decades.

As a part of their endorsement process, candidates answer a questionnaire.  This year, there were 20 questions. Some candidates chose to answer only a sentence or two per question, filling up less than one page front and back.


I chose to go a different route.  As I say in my questionnaire:

My answers are lengthy and nuanced. I did not stick to campaign bullet points. These answers will be too detailed, too long, too complicated, or even a little boring.

But policymaking is in the details.

Budget meetings are long, complicated, and more than a little boring.  I have attempted to answer with thorough candor so you will know the fresh perspective I bring to the table.

If you’re looking for 21 pages of public policy, Durham history, and zoning nuance, I’d encourage you to read my questionnaire.  It has graphics, footnotes, and most importantly, it lays out a clear vision for Durham.

Topics covered in the questionnaire include:

  • Charter Schools
  • The Comprehensive Plan
  • The 751-South Development
  • Durham’s General Zoning Ordinance (bus stops, trees, & sidewalks).
  • Social Services reform
  • the Joint Task Force on Gang Prevention
  • Ending Poverty
  • World-Class Public Schools in Durham
  • Durham’s Libraries
  • More or Less Billboards
  • Affordable Housing
  • and the Anti-Marriage Amendment

This campaign is about substance.  I promise that I will research and carefully analyze every issue that comes before the Commission.  I will give every issue the reasonable consideration it deserves.  You can see the type of dilligence I will bring to the commission in this document.  I hope you’ll give it a read.


Download The Complete Peoples Alliance Endorsement Questionnaire [21 Pages] PDF