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Duke Democrats Join Team Owens, Endorse John

Duke Democrats Join Team Owens, Endorse John

The Duke Democrats endorsed John for Commissioner yesterday, along with three other candidates.

It wasn’t just their endorsement that mattered to the campaign, it was what they said in the endorsement.

We believe John Owens is the single strongest candidate; among the fourteen candidates, we appreciate that at forums and in questionnaires, he is rarely evasive, and speaks directly and honestly without obfuscating his beliefs or his intentions. This quality is uncommon in any politician—and is sorely needed given the lack of transparency in Durham government. Some participants in Durham politics accuse Durham’s “progressive left” of being out-of-touch with the needs of low-income Durham residents—Owens’ life-story and background speak directly to his understanding of the role in government in helping to support citizens in their pathway out of poverty.

That’s a direct quote.

Along with Rev. Carl Kenney’s recent endorsement , the Duke Democrats endorsement shows that whenever grassroots groups and leaders meet John, they support him.

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