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Let’s Get to Specifics

Let’s Get to Specifics

At the League of Women Voters’ candidate forum on Tuesday, John called on all fourteen candidates for County Commissioner to tame their showmanship and get to specifics about what policies they intend to advocate for and enact if elected:

“I love forums like this because we get to pretend that issues and policies matter, when in fact, it’s incumbency, personality, and PAC endorsements that win elections. But some of the things we say tonight will influence the policies that are enacted next year. So I would like to hear what specific policies the fourteen of us are going to enact that actually tackle poverty and other problems that Durham County faces.”

This is a campaign about ideas, about substance and policy. This is also your campaign, so if you have a policy idea or even just feedback on our campaign, you can share those with John here on our feedback page. And thank you for playing an active role in tackling some of the challenges in our community.